At Flying Painter apart of creative process we consider sustainability as one of our highest priorities as we can't be indifferent for the climate change issues caused by Global Warming where high impact of fast fashion industry is playing one of the biggest roles.

Sustainable production in fashion is a holistic approach that prioritises environmental and social responsibility throughout the entire manufacturing process. Here is a list of our action for which we consider us as a truly sustainable brand:

  • Most of our textiles are coming from overstocks of high volume productions
  • One of our permanent collections called directly "Global warming" is 100% up-cycled. By producing new wearable garments we give a second life to vintage textiles preserved for decades.
  • We minimise our leftovers by producing accessories from them
  • And finally at Flying Painter we have zero waist - last pieces of leftovers instead of being thrown away are being sent to a factory in Gori, Georgia, where they are being recycled into essential household items. 

Ultimately our goal is to shift the fashion industry towards a more responsible and mindful approach that benefits both the planet and its inhabitants.