Global Warming

“Warming” is an unofficial term denoting the 1950’s and 1960’s, which implies weakening of the totalitarian regime, beginning of liberalisation, opening up towards the Western world and creative freedom.

The Sputnik (satellite) sent to space, Gagarin, the iron curtain which had lifted for the chosen, Soviet delegations visiting the West during Nikita Khrushchev’s period were followed by the coming into fashion of gangster dress style, French perfume and kissing on the lips, abundantly captured on photographs.

The generation born in Khrushchev’s so-called “Khrushchevkas” was conceived under the carpets with deer, ubiquitous for that period. Meanwhile, spoiled relations with China made silk bedspreads even more coveted.

Hysterical adoration of objects was ended by the Perestroika. In the 90’s we also overcame the fear of deficit and currently, in the epoch of Global Warming and ecological catastrophe, we have created a new collection made of the once carefully saved fabrics, saturated with the smell of mothballs and velvet carpets removed from walls long ago. “Global Warming” is dedicated to global love — humans, nature and deer.